The VPH-CaSE project brought together partners, from academia and industry, to train the next generation of researchers that will make important contributions in their respective fields.

The core of the consortium were the Early Stage Researchers, young men and women recruited under the highest standards of the European Commission. The ESRs developed research projects in all areas related to cardiovascular simulation and experimentation, with a particular aim in personalised medical devices. Through various training activities the ESRs got to know each other and collaborate to boost their research and produce the best possible results.

The project supervisors were the senior research partners of the consortium. They are each a renowned specialist in their field, providing the best possible counsel Europe has to offer. It is them who guided the ESRs in their projects.

Both researchers and supervisors were hosted in the beneficiary institutions. These universities and companies are leaders in state of the art research and constitute an ideal environment for the development of each individual research project. Four of these beneficiaries hosted Training Activities that gave the ESRs the tools they needed to become world-class researchers.

The consortium partners provided valuable assistance to the supervisory board. These partners also offered the possibility of secondments, so the ESRs could experience training outside of their home institution. The VPH-CaSE partners also contributed in the training activities, so the researchers in training could observe how their contributions make an impact in the world.

The VPH-CaSE consortium ensured that the researchers gained experience in the three pillars of this project: academia, medical centres and industry.