AVIESAN Yearly Meeting


This event took place on 21 - 22 November 2017.


This year’s meeting took place in the André Malraux Auditorium in Lyon, France.


Our ESR Gerardo Kenny Rumindo presented a poster at this event. He showed his research to an audience of around 150 people, which included young and senior researchers as well as a general audience coming from all over France.


The French National Alliance for Life Health and Sciences (AVIESAN) is the umbrella organisation of the national research agencies in France involved in life sciences, ie CNRS, INRIA and INSERM.

Once a year, they organise a general meeting entitled ‘Institut Thématique Multi-Organismes Technologies pour la Santé’, where young researchers have an opportunity to present their work.

Invited speakers from different organisations also present an overview of their work to the audience.