Fête de la Science


In 2017, the Fête de la Science happened on 7-15 October.


The event took place in the Village de Sciences de l’Institut Univerasitaire de Technologie, Lyon.


Our ESR Emilia presented her work to an audience of 60-70 people of all ages.


La Fête de la Science (Science festival) is a French scientific communication event that makes science available to the general public.

The festival is organised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, it started in 1992 and has been running every year since.

During the festival, people working in various scientific fields organise exhibitions, conferences, educational workshops, open days in research laboratories and a variety of other events.

During the 2017 edition, Emilia presented her work, alongside other researchers, under the event ”My thesis in 3 minutes”, where she communicated the main aspects and impact of her thesis to a non-scientific audience within 180 seconds!