Festival of Life


This outreach activity took place on 20 April 2016.


The activity was hosted by the Medical School, the University of Sheffield, Sheffield UK.


Simone Ambrogio, Emilia Badescu, Paolo Ferraiuoli and Simone Ferrari were facilitators of this activity. Benjamin Kappler and Gerardo Kenny Rumindo also contributed with video presentations.

There were about 20-30 visitors including families aged between 6 months and 80 years.


This event, titled “We’re on the case! Using 3D technology in medicine”, was held as part of “Life: A Festival of Health, from Head to Toe”. The event featured demonstrations given by the four VPH-CaSE early stage researchers covering a number of aspects of VPH-CaSE research.

The demos considered different aspects of the science behind 3D medical imaging, including stereo-imaging techniques, imaging quality assurance and ultrasound measurement techniques.

The international nature of the research network was reflected by the visit of Emilia from Lyon, France to participate in the demonstrations and the opportunity for visitors to hear about research undertaken at other centres in the form of video presentations provided by Benjamin and Kenny.

The whole exercise was a hands-on event, enabling visitors of all ages to gain a clearer perspective of the relevance of imaging developments to medicine.

A breadth of complementary technologies is central to this, as observed by one of our visitors who enjoyed “…the crossover of art, science and medical imaging”.