Hearts and how to heal them: A science and engineering adventure


Wednesday 18 July 2018 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm


Engineering Building of University College London, London, UK


The outreach event was attended by ESRs Paolo Ferraiuoli, Simone Ferrari, Louis Fixsen, Eric Chen, Carlos Ledezma, Mirko Bonfanti, Susanna Migliori, Emilia Badescu, Kenny Rumindo, Massimiliano Mercuri, Simone Ambrogio, Jeroen Feher and Benjamin Kappler


This event was designed to show how modern science is influencing the way we approach challenges associated with diseases of the heart.

Diagnostic techniques for cardiovascular disease include everything from stethoscopes to sophisticated 3D imaging. Therapeutic techniques range from simple exercise to stents and synthetic hearts.

Such a wide array of options challenges our science, which must address the unique properties of this beating organ and its tissue/fluid environment.

The event showed how simulation can become an invaluable tool, enabling options to be explored at will. Participants could experience what it is like to drive a modern X-Ray angiography suite using the VR simulator, share the dilemma of a cardiologist when confronted with scans of the diseased heart and benefit from the insights of simulation developed by our young researchers.

A competition was held to identify a number of famous scientists involved in physics and chemistry.

Download the event flyer (PDF, 686KB)