29-30 September 2017


Indro Montanelli Gardens, Milan


Our ESRs Susanna, Ricardo and Jeroen had a stand at this event, giving them the unique opportunity to showcase their work to hundreds of visitors of all ages.


MEETmeTONIGHT was an event organised in Milan as part of the Researcher’s Night initiative, which involves scientific groups in more than 300 cities across Europe.

In its sixth year, researchers from more than 60 different research groups had the opportunity to involve the general public in their activities, in a unique space of more than 4000 square meters in the Indro Montanelli Gardens.

VPH-CaSE beneficiary, Politecnico di Milano, with ESRs Susanna, Ricardo and Jeroen, organised a stand with various interactive activities under the topic “Engineering the future: simulations and experiments for new medical devices”.

Our ESRs had the opportunity to share with visitors how computational tools and experimental measurements are used to study the complexity of the physics of the cardiovascular system to improve the outcomes for patients.

The different topics included:

  • Material properties of stents, their impact on stent design, and how they can be described by some experimental settings (eg uniaxial compression test).

  • Function and location in the body of different medical implants (like stents, valves or hip prosthesis), through guessing games.

  • Channels with immiscible fluids illustrating some of the principles used in microfluidic chips.

  • Use of patient images and specialised software to aid decision making when choosing devices to treat cardiovascular diseases.