Minors Fair


7 March 2017


University College London


Mirko Bonfanti provided information in this event to about 300 first-year, UCL students.


Students at the start of their second year at UCL select a minor stream that allows them to gain a grounding in another engineering or relevant discipline or an interdisciplinary topic.

The aim of the Minors Fair was to give first-year students an opportunity to ask questions about the Minors and to help students make their decision.

ESR Mirko Bonfanti showcased the Biomechanics minor using illustrative examples taken from his VPH-CaSE research. In particular, aortic dissection computational fluid-dynamics simulations and aortic phantoms made by 3D printing were shown to the students, demonstrating how classical theory of mechanics and engineering can be linked to the medical world.

Students showed a lot of interest in the presentations and expressed their interest in choosing the Biomechanics minor as part of their degree.