STEM for Britain


The STEM for Britain competition is held every year. In 2018, it was on 12 March.


The finalists of this prestigious competition were invited to present their work in the Attlee Suite of the Portcullis House in Westminster, London.


Our ESRs Mirko Bonfanti and Carlos Ledezma were both finalists of this competition and presented their work to the judges and Members of Parliament.


The STEM for Britain competition is an event that promotes Britain’s early-career scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians who are making important contributions to the UK’s research and development.

The participants must write one-page abstracts outlining their research in terms suitable for a non-specialist audience and highlighting the impact of their work.

From around 500 abstracts only a few are selected as finalists, who make a poster presentation in the Houses of Parliament! This competition is a great example of how politicians and scientists can come together to maintain the UK’s place as a leader in science, technology and research.

Our ESRs Mirko and Carlos were selected this year as finalists, this was a unique opportunity to broadcast the work of the consortium.

Read their abstracts and see their posters: